GuestBridge provides online reservation systems, table management, wait list management and guest relationship management tools.

guestbridge has been acquired by opentable

GuestBridge is proud to announce that we agreed to be acquired by OpenTable, Inc. in September 2009. OpenTable is a leading provider of free, real-time online restaurant reservations for diners and reservation and guest management solutions for restaurants. To us, this purchase made sense because we felt that the combination of the two companies could offer a more powerful solution to GuestBridge customers. We think we’ll be able to offer a more complete way to meet the various needs of every restaurant. For more information on the announcement, please see our press release.

We are committed to a smooth transition for all GuestBridge customers. If you are a current customer, OpenTable plans to honor the terms of your existing agreement with GuestBridge, and you will see no impact on your existing service from GuestBridge. If you are a prospective customer, please visit

Thank you for your continued support of GuestBridge. We are excited about the opportunities our relationship with OpenTable provides, and we look forward to continuing to serve your needs.


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