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All you wanted to know about GuestBridge -- our products and our company

If I choose to offer online reservations, will I be charged each time a reservation is made from my website?
No.  GuestBridge charges a flat cost for the Online module, which enables online reservations.  There are no per-reservation fees.


Do other restaurants get to use my guest data for marketing purposes?
No.  With the GuestBridge solution, you own your guest data completely and control any communications sent to them.


Say I have the GuestBridge software and a guest is making an online reservation for my restaurant.  If there is no availability in my restaurant, is the guest shown availability at other restaurants in the area?
No, not unless you have sister restaurants that you specifically set up to do so.  Restaurant groups can choose to display corresponding availability at their local restaurants, but guests of stand-alone restaurants are directed to call the restaurant if there is no online availability.


What hardware can the GuestBridge solution run on?
The GuestBridge Restaurant Solution will run on any Windows-based PC.  The system that the database resides on should have a Pentium 4 or higher processor and at least 512MB of RAM.  The PCs running GuestBridge can be used for other applications and purposes.


Can I send graphics-based emails using GuestBridge?
Yes.  The Communications module not only allows you to send both graphics- and text-based emails to all or a select group of your guests, but it also enables you to perform a mail merge in Microsoft Word at the same time to send a hard copy mailing to those guests who match the same criteria but have not given you an email address.


How often do you make changes or enhancements to the GuestBridge software?
Generally 2-3 times a year.  Our customers are encouraged to send us feedback and enhancement suggestions so that we can continue to improve the software and make it meet your needs.


What POS systems do you interface with?
We interface with the industry's major POS vendors: Micros 3700, 8700 and 9700, Restaurant Manager from Action Systems, Inc., Positouch, Aloha, Maitre'D and Counterpoint.   We have other interfaces in development at this time as well, just ask.


You don’t currently have an interface to my POS software, but I’d like to use your POS interface.  Can this be done?
If you purchase the GuestBridge software, we are happy to work with you and your POS vendor or reseller to develop an interface to your POS software.  There will be no extra charge for this development.


I have multiple restaurants across the country.  I want to be able to track where my guests are dining across the group.  Can I do this with GuestBridge?
Yes.  GuestBridge offers Guest Sharing, which allows you to share guest data and history between your restaurants.  Best of all, you can share all of your guests or only guests who meet certain criteria (such as number of visits, email address on file, etc.)


Can I have GuestBridge running in my central reservations office while also running at the restaurant?
Yes.  GuestBridge is designed for multiple users in networked environments.  Each system running GuestBridge is automatically updated with changes made by other workstations.


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