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Maximize your guest relationships while you minimize your guest's wait time .

GuestBridge Casual provides all the tools to manage your guest and wait list functionality, however you normally prefer to work. Adding a guest to the wait list is quick, guest information is readily available and special requests are easily tracked. GuestBridge Casual provides flexible display and administrative options to match the way you manage your business. So the software adapts to you ó you donít need to adapt to it.

Manage a dynamic wait list based on VIP statuses and time. Offer your guests the ability to add themselves to the wait list online*.
Track extensive contact information, notes, category labels and even photos in the industry's richest database of guest information.
Easily identify special guest status and needs, including first-time guests and up to twelve levels of VIPs.
Add guests to the wait list on future dates. Now you can hold a table for a VIP guest even if you do not accept reservations.
Accurately manage guest contact information, including direct capture from Caller ID* and business card scanning* to build your guest list and track repeat visits. Enhance guest data via the integrated reverse phone number lookup* function.
Use wireless devices to add guests to the wait list, seat guests, update table statuses and manage guest profiles.*
Generate highly useful reports ó event summaries, daily notes, shift summaries and details, kitchen reports, referrals, time statistics, and more.
Quickly and easily adjust your schedule and table inventory for special dates.

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* Optional Feature


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