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Casual Restaurants Benefit from GuestBridge Casual. Manage Wait Lists and Guest Data.
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Don't keep your guests waiting.

Capture guest data and deliver personalized service while streamlining your operations. Restaurants who run a wait can take advantage of GuestBridge's robust guest database, the industry's most sophisticated wait quote algorithm, and our full suite of table management and marketing tools.

GuestBridge Casual is the first host stand management software for casual restaurants that recognizes the need to capture guest information and track repeat visits while still delivering a multi-level wait list, and the most full-function table management available today. GuestBridge Casual also interfaces with other restaurant systems, such as point-of-sale, pagers, mobile phone paging, and even your website.

Capture guest contact information, birthdays, anniversaries and preferences, so you can communicate with your guests, invite them to celebrate with you, and personalize their visits when they come back.
Track VIPs in your location and across your restaurant group.
Use wireless handheld devices to add guests to the wait list, seat guests and update table statuses from anywhere in the venue.
Put guests on the wait list for future dates.
Assign pagers and actually page parties directly from GuestBridge when their table is ready.*
Automatically page guests via their mobile phones.*
More table management capabilities than you have ever dreamed about:
  • Set custom table status indicators; automatically change table status based on elapsed time or POS activity*
  • Set up alternate table configurations
  • Apply multiple table layouts
  • View multiple floor plans at once
  • Pre-assign tables for the entire shift in seconds
  • View turns and gaps in turns for each table
  • Have the system recommend the next table based on server statistics
  • Close server sections; add servers automatically to the rotation when they come on duty
  • Flag tables that have not had a status change within a certain time period
Automatically update table status based on check activity and track guest spending with the GuestBridge Point of Sale Interface.*
Print a Guest Information Slip* at time of seating to alert the server to guest preferences.
Send guest information to server and manager alphanumeric pagers*; page managers upon the arrival of VIP guests.
Build successful, long-term relationships with your guests using ongoing communications that keep your restaurant at top of mind, while driving both satisfaction and loyalty.

For more information or to see a demonstration, please contact us today!

*Optional Features


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