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GuestBridge Express provides an affordable solution for online reservations and guest management.


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Maximize your guest relationships while you minimize your expense.

GuestBridge Express is our new internet-based reservations and table management system for cost-conscious restaurateurs. There's nothing to install -- all you need is an internet-enabled PC or Mac, a valid credit card, and a restaurant in need of an easy, cost-effective reservation system.

FREE, for a limited time! GuestBridge Express is currently in its Beta version, and we invite you to participate in providing feedback as we finalize the product.

One low monthly price allows you to keep a database of reservations and guest data, and to offer online reservations from your website.
Easily take and confirm reservations, track guest data, and assign tables.
Offer online reservations today! GuestBridge Express automatically generates an online reservation link that you can add to your website to start taking online reservations.
Managing waiting parties is a snap. Mark guests as arrived, seated or partially seated.
GuestBridge Express is easy to use and intuitively designed, so any staff member can begin using the system immediately, and train themselves along the way.
A full suite of reporting tools allow you to print your reservations, prepare your kitchen for the shift, and market to your guests.
Add additional users at either a Manager or Staff security level.*
Export your database of guest information at any time.*

* Optional Feature


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Try the GuestBridge Express Beta Version today at no cost!
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Not sure if GuestBridge Express is right for you? Check out GuestBridge Reserve for even more functionality
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