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Share more than a name. Share information.

Multiple locations give you a number of opportunities to create efficiencies, including building a strong brand name with your guests. But the efficiencies of sharing guest data or centralizing reservations across the group are often too difficult to implement.

GuestBridge not only delivers these efficiencies, it integrates reservation, wait list, and communications capabilities with table management tools so you can enhance guest experiences from visit to visit, across your multiple locations.

Capture all the guest information you need and share it between your locations whether they are next door or around the globe.
Share just the information you need to enhance guest service, whether that’s recent visit history within your group or personal preferences.
Easily check on availability across your locations to make sure that your guests can dine within your group, even if their first choice restaurant is full.
Send email and direct mail campaigns that can build loyalty to an individual location or cross-promote your concepts — and thereby capture a greater portion of your guests’ wallet share.
Control and contain your guest data, reservations and communication activities behind your firewall.
Give call centers full reservation functionality across all locations.

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