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solutions for hotels, resorts and casinos

Treating the guest right, whether they come from upstairs or across town.

Hotels, resorts and casinos turn to GuestBridge because we provide the tools they need enhance guest service and operational efficiency. Whether itís allowing staff to quickly book or change reservations from anywhere on property to keeping restaurant staff informed of the guests' particular needs, GuestBridge provides the tools.

GuestBridge Reserve easily supports as many restaurants as you need - in the restaurant, in a central reservation office and across the property. All this flexibility, plus the rich customer database, allow you to build relationships that extend much longer than a single visit.

Easily support multiple restaurants onsite so that you can keep customers on property, even if their first choice restaurant is full.
Provide easy to use tools for the concierge and other staff to book and change reservations for guests without complex software to learn or maintain
Track customer preferences at the restaurant level to help personalize customer service, whether the guest is staying at the hotel or is a local repeat customer.
Take advantage of tools that simplify e-mail and mail communications with your customers to create awareness and loyalty about your wide variety of services across your multiple locations.
Offer online reservations, integrated into your property's website. Your brand is the only brand guests will interact with, and there are no per-reservation fees.
Control and contain your guest data, reservations and communication activities behind your firewall.

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