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Manage VIP Guest Data with GuestBridge.
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night clubs

Give your VIPs the treatment they deserve.

With GuestBridge, you can recognize your VIPs before they walk in the door. Keep track of bottle commitments, preferences, spend history, and important dates with GuestBridge Reserve.

Alert your staff to a VIP's arrival even before they get to your front door. GuestBridge VIP\ID, our patent-pending RFID-based guest recognition solution, will signal you and your staff when your most important guests are about to enter.

Give your door staff a wireless handheld device to check in your guests as soon as they step out of the car. Or, swipe IDs to verify age or membership in your "special club" for establishments that serve alcohol in dry counties and states.

Leverage the scalability of the hospitality industry's most robust guest database to capture all the information you need about your guests.

Sell tickets to events or performances both over the phone and online. Our payment processing module makes it easy to sell your tickets while capturing valuable guest data.

Spend less staff time managing reservations and more time creating highly personalized guest experiences for your VIPs .

Build successful, long-term relationships with your VIPs using ongoing communications that keep your night club at top of mind, while driving both satisfaction and loyalty.

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Use RFID technology to instantly recognize guests as they arrive
The industry's richest guest database
Use wireless handheld devices for guest check-in
Add online reservations, online waitlisting and a guest loyalty program
Communicate with your guests
Control your data behind your own firewall
Integrate Caller ID for guest data capture and VIP recognition
Scan business cards directly into your guest database
Process payments through GuestBridge
Share guest data between locations
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