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Hospitality industry partnerships help GuestBridge provide the best reservation, wait list and guest management software solutions to fine dining and casual restaurants, hotels and resorts, private clubs, and night clubs.



Partnerships that deliver results.

GuestBridge is committed to partnering with companies and organizations that can help us improve our software and serve our customers better. Some of our partnerships include:

Services Partners
Reseller Partners GuestBridge Reseller Partners provide our software to restaurants and groups as part of a total solution. GuestBridge customers enjoy local sales, implementation and support from trusted partners. Learn more about becoming a GuestBridge reseller.
Qoncert Qoncert is an authorized reseller of GuestBridge products, and can deliver installation, training and support services to any GuestBridge customer. Qoncert also provides reservation and/or IT support call center services for restaurant groups.
Queuent Queuent's automatic calling solution allows GuestBridge customers to call their guests' cell phones with a pre-recorded message to alert them that their table is ready. Guests can immediately confirm that they are on their way.
National Directory Information Services GuestBridge customers can access NDIS' reverse phone number lookup service at a preferred rate, directly from the GuestBridge Restaurant Solution. Lookups can be performed one at a time or across some or all of your guest database.
Software Partners
Maitre'D POS - Point of Sale Software – Restaurants can interface their Maitre'D point of sale system with GuestBridge to track table status updates and capture guest spending and purchase history.
MICROS - Point of Sale Software – GuestBridge is a MICROS Business Partner. Restaurants can use our Point of Sale Interface to capture data from their MICROS 3700, 8700 or 9700 system during the shift.
Datacap Systems – GuestBridge customers who wish to charge a fee at time of reservation or ticketing may use the Datacap Systems interface to charge credit cards. Datacap supports most major payment processors.
Shift 4 – GuestBridge customers who use Shift 4 as their payment processor can charge customer credit cards at time of reservation or ticketing.
Hardware Partners
HME Wireless GuestBridge is an authorized reseller of HME Wireless (formerly NTN) onsite paging systems, and the systems are completely integrated with GuestBridge's guest coaster pager interface for accurate tracking and quick signaling of waiting guests. HME Wireless' TableScout® enables staff to remotely update table status from the dining room, improving efficiency of host staff, increasing table turns, and improving customer satisfaction.
Long Range Systems GuestBridge interfaces with Long Range Systems' guest coaster pagers and staff alphanumeric pagers to streamline wait management and restaurant operations.
JTech GuestBridge customers who use JTech products can take advantage of the coaster pager and staff alphanumeric pager interface to keep track of waiting guests and signal staff members.
CallerID.com CallerID.com's unique "Whozz Calling? Listener" software alerts GuestBridge users to the name and phone number of the person calling for a reservation. All networked GuestBridge systems display the Caller ID data.
Posiflex Posiflex provides integrate touch screen system for GuestBridge clients. Units are modular, allowing for easy repair and/or replacement and excellent serviceability.
Boca Systems The industry standard event ticket printer, Boca Systems products allow GuestBridge clients who run dinner theaters and event venues to provide a traditional ticket at time of reservation/purchase.
Business Card Scanning Solutions GuestBridge is an authorized reseller of the ScanShell business card scanner, and our business card scanning interface is a quick and easy way to get guest data into your GuestBridge database.
Other guest relationship vendors GuestBridge partners with other vendors who deliver greater functionality and flexibility to our shared customers. Examples of partner products and services include guest analysis products, outbound marketing programs and loyalty programs. If you would like to explore a potential partnership with GuestBridge, contact us.
Industry Associations GuestBridge is proud to be part of restaurant industry associations such as The National Restaurant Association and The Wisconsin Restaurant Association.

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