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guestbridge statement of privacy
and terms of use

GuestBridge is committed to protecting your privacy. This Statement of Privacy applies to GuestBridge and our Hospitality Partners (the Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Spas and Golf Courses you patronize).

GuestBridge products are a suite of online and in-venue software tools that enable Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs and other hospitality businesses to enhance operational efficiency and to take reservations and/or manage a wait list in the venue and over the Internet.

Our privacy policy and practices are detailed below and we ask you to read them fully. The policy is derived from three pledges that we make to you, our Guests:
  • We and our Partners will not use information about you without your permission.
  • We will provide the means for you to manage and control the information that you have provided to us.
  • We will provide mechanisms for you to communicate your privacy concerns to us and that we will respond to them thoroughly and thoughtfully.
We provide mechanisms that allow you to control the use of your information by GuestBridge and our Hospitality Partners or to remove your information from our database entirely.
You can visit GuestBridge or our customers' websites and use many of the services without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. Many of our services do not require any form of customer registration.

We do require registration for use of certain services. During the registration process we require you to complete certain fields, request that you complete other fields and ask you to select a user name and password.

Your registration information is ONLY shared with the Hospitality Partners that you make reservations with (see Partner Usage below for more details).

GuestBridge will ONLY communicate with you regarding reservations you have made with our Hospitality Partners (confirmations, acknowledgements or reminders).

We do not sell advertising or generate revenue from the use or sale of your registration information.
Partner Usage
If you choose to make a reservation with one of our Hospitality Partners, that establishment may use your e-mail address or phone number to acknowledge and/or confirm your reservation. If you provide inaccurate or erroneous contact information, that establishment has the right to cancel your reservation.

You have an option in your profile to indicate that you wish to receive e-mail or correspondence regarding promotions or events sponsored by the Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Spas and Golf Courses that you patronize. Our Hospitality Partners may use your contact information in ONLY the ways you have indicated that they may. Three options are provided:
  • Reservation Business Only
  • Reservation Business, Promotions and Events
  • Reservation Business, Promotions, Events and Carefully Selected Partner Promotions and Events
Third Parties
No third-party sites or organizations are affiliated with GuestBridge. Please report suspected abuse to us at: We do allow our Hospitality Partners to provide seamless links to the reservation features that we offer in partnership with them.
GuestBridge has security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of customer data under our control. These measures include, but are not limited to firewalls, stringent password protected access, regular backups and a tested emergency recovery plan. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to data will not occur, we make every effort to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

(last updated: January 2008)


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