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solutions for private clubs

Managing member reservations finally made easy.

Your members expect a lot from you. Now you have a tool to give them even more with the Private Club Package for GuestBridge Reserve. Now you can easily track reservations that group multiple members in a party or at a table, generate cancellation confirmation numbers and restrict online reservations to members only.

Once your members have arrived, you can recognize them from their photos and print their dining preferences for your staff; you can even easily share member preferences with affiliated clubs. With the power and flexibility GuestBridge offers, you can simplify and enhance every step of your interactions with your members.

GuestBridge developed the Private Club Package based on input from club managers to ensure it provides a comprehensive, flexible solution for your dining reservation needs, whatever the size of your organization.

Better manage dining reservations by easily tracking multiple members per table or reservation, and automatically generating cancellation numbers when needed.
Select the capabilities you need from simple reservation tracking or add table management and communications to all aspects of your operation.
Support multiple dining rooms or banquet facilities across your local area network.
Update member information easily with imports from your membership management software.
Customize the member information to track preferences specific to your club.

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