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Maximize Your Table Management with GuestBridge Reserve.

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table management

Personalize the guest experience while efficiently managing the floor.

GuestBridge Reserve gives you even more tools to track your guest activity. Don’t miss VIPs who might walk in. Keep servers apprised of special needs at the time of seating. Completely flexible floor and server management allow you to streamline operations while better tracking your guests.

Monitor floor activity and manage parties easily with color-coded table status and a flexible display.
Automatically track all details of a guest visit - server, table, time arrived, wait time, time seated and length of stay to keep a detailed picture of the guest experience.
Seat parties with just a touch to the wait list and a touch to the table.
Unique "Grid View" allows you to see all parties sorted by table, with expected turn times indicated. No more guessing which table should be seated next to maximize your table turns.
Easily manage and maintain mulitiple floor plan layouts, to allow for real-time changes like opening or closing a patio, or for holiday or other event seating.
Provide servers with full details of guests seated in their section through reports or the unique “print on seating” Guest Information Slip*
Pre-assign servers to sections weeks in advance of their shift. Change server assignments on the fly as needs change.
Let GuestBridge recommend the next table to be seated, based on server statuses, including covers, tables, strict rotation, or even guest spend if you have the GuestBridge Point of Sale Interface*.
Set up alternate table configurations to make dining room changes a snap. Minimum and maximum party sizes help you get the most value out of each table.
Add a point of sale interface* to automatically update table status and track customer spending details.
Floor management is completely flexible: add, hide, move and reconfigure tables to meet changing needs.
Managers' pagers can be automatically signaled when VIPs arrive or if a seated table has gone unattended for too long.
The industry's most accurate wait quote calculator makes our Wait List an invaluable tool for managing guest expectations.
Alert parties when their tables are ready with just a touch to the screen using our Coaster Pager Interface*, Mobile Phone Paging*, and/or Text Message Paging*

For more information or to see a demonstration, please contact us today!

* Optional


Click here to learn more:
Interface GuestBridge with your POS for automatic table status updates
Use wireless handhelds to manage waits, tables and reservations
Signal guest coaster pagers directly from GuestBridge
Page guests via their mobile phones when their table is ready
Send a text message to a guest's mobile phone when you are ready to seat them
Alert managers when a table has been unattended too long
Arm servers with guest information for personalized service
Use RFID technology to instantly recognize your VIPs
Add online reservations, online waitlisting and a guest loyalty program
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