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GuestBridge provides online reservation systems, wait list and table management, and guest relationship management solutions.

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Enhancing operations and guest service at every step

In today’s rapidly changing hospitality market, operational efficiency and guest retention are crucial to your profitability. GuestBridge software tools are cutting edge operational hubs for your host stands, built on a customer relationship management backbone.

Our solutions - GuestBridge Reserve, GuestBridge Casual, and GuestBridge Express - consolidate operations and put guest data where it will be most useful to you - in the hands of:

Reservationists, the first people to interact with your guests, who can track, update and utilize guest preferences and contact information.
Host staff, who can recognize a VIP guest, add them to a priority wait list and seat them at their preferred table.
Servers who can personalize their interactions with guests and be alerted if a table has been seated too long without attention.
Managers who can maximize utilization of tables, wait times and reservation time slots.
Marketing staff members who can send targeted e-mail campaigns, track response rates, and improve business.

Learn how GuestBridge solutions can be tailored for your unique needs:
Fine Dining Restaurants
Casual Restaurants
Restaurant Groups
Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
Ticketed Event Venues
Private Clubs
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